Are You Really Who You Say You Are?

There’s nothing worse than ordering your food and asking for no onions to find those little chopped up bulbs have made their way into your mouth. No this is not an anti onion campaign (or is it?), this is relative to a bride and groom booking their photographer for who they appear to be online.

In my experience, I have found that a bride and groom love to book a photographer for not only their work but also for who they are and how they present themselves. This doesn’t mean you should try and become some all singing and all dancing photographer, but be yourself. If they have enquired already then they are interested in you for how you are already.

My roots, I’m a wildlife photographer and have been for many years. While taking photographs of wild boars, venomous snakes and all kinds of creepy crawlies isn’t your initial idea of a typical wedding photographer, it is, in fact, the perfect choice for those couples who are in touch with nature and love a natural feel to the images. I don’t plaster ‘Wildlife Photographer’ all over my website, but I am also not shy about mentioning it to my clients. In fact, I’d say a good 80% of my bookings have come from people who have seen my wildlife photography.

Okay, so I’m a wildlife photographer but of course, I also call myself a wedding photographer so this means I have to follow through on being the professional the client deserves.

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A few tips to help your day run smoothly and keep those bookings coming in.

1. Make friends!

Best men and generally loud people can help you especially for group shots and any other situation that you know you might need a hand arranging people for (they even know everyone’s names – bonus!).

2. Second kiss?

Yes, I tell my clients in our meeting and if possible on the day to go in for a second kiss. It may end up being just as important as the first!

3. Make the most of your surroundings.

In a courtyard full of buildings and structures a small bush may be the ideal place for a special photo. I’d like to say that’s the nature photographer in me coming out to play. I did just that this summer and the couple were over the moon with the results after wondering why I’d asked them to squeeze into a small opening in a bush.

Get creative, be yourself and your clients will love it.