Reduce Your Photoshop Workload With JPEGmini

As photographers, we spend a lot of time with our cameras. It’s our weapon of choice. We spend the majority of our days capturing the brilliance in everything we do. After a long shoot, we usually head back to our headquarters where we start the editing process. We go from immersing ourself in the photo shoot to immersing ourself inside Photoshop. Once we’re fully immersed in Photoshop, we make sure to optimize, tweak, adjust and make sure our end result looks awesome when it hits the web. But is your photo really optimized for the web?

Using the “Save for Web” feature in Photoshop on each image isn’t really time efficient. When you first go into the Save for Web feature, the default quality is the preset “JPEG High”. You can change the quality level, and compare the “Original” and “Optimized” photos unit you are satisfied with the quality. But this “manual” optimization of photos is really time consuming. Even if you do choose a higher quality setting in photoshop, did you know that it sometimes reduces the image quality? According to Michael Zhang, “don’t ever use a quality of 7 when saving JPEGs with Photoshop. Either use 6, or something higher than 7 if you want to actually increase the quality of the photo.”


Do you really want to do that for each and every photo that you have? JPEGmini’s main advantage is that it does automatic optimization of images, with no human intervention required. It’s so simple! Just drag a bunch of images onto the app, and it optimizes each one of them to the lowest size possible, while guaranteeing that the perceptual quality of the image is never affected. This is what we call an “always-safe” process.


Our recommendation when using Photoshop and JPEGmini would be to resize and edit in Photoshop to your desired web image size dimensions. Next, save the photo in high quality in Photoshop. Finally, use JPEGmini to automatically optimize each photo to the lowest file size possible while retaining that high quality. This will produce high quality web images that download quickly, which your users will love!

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