Growing Trends For Your Photography Business This 2022

Times are changing, new technology and social trends are being created and businesses are evolving with them. Photographers and creators are constantly finding new ways to express their work to a changing audience. We want to offer a few tips and trends that may help grow your photography business this 2022.

Social Media Trends: 


TikTok has now surpassed Google in the list of most popular platforms. It is predicted to only gain more traffic this coming 2022. TikTok has created a whole new place for photographers to showcase their different kinds of skills. TikTok is a video based platform so photographers have been able to share what goes on behind the scenes of their process.  Creators are sharing a variety of content from editing tricks, camera tips to epic photo shoots. TikTok moves fast so it is important to keep up with the trends and popular content. 

Instagram reels/IGTV 

Instagram trends of 2022 will be more than photo based. Just like Tiktok, instagram videos are gaining popularity fast.  This gives photographers a chance to brand and set themselves apart. Reels and IGTV gives creators a place to share their workflow and more of their personality. Instagram allows photographers to share longer videos than TikTok. Often times photographers use IG for simple tutorials, client reviews, behind the scenes or even a place to talk about themselves more. 


If you are on social media you have probably heard about NFTs. This year is the time for creators, especially photographers, to start researching more about the NFT and blockchain world. NFT stands for a “non-fungible token”, it is basically a new way for creators to monetize their work within the cryptocurrency community. A new digital marketplace has created an opportunity for photographers to reach an audience who is interested in digital art work and willing to invest in it. 

Equipment & Aesthetic Trends:

Mirrorless cameras 

Mirrorless cameras are getting more popular and many photographers are adding at least one to their collection. One of the biggest problems with mirrorless cameras are the lack of accessories that are compatible with them, but this is projected to change this year. This 2022, many companies are investing their time into creating more mirrorless camera accessories. The camera systems are more compact, weigh less, and have excellent resolution. Mirrorless cameras offer a greater image stabilization, resulting in cleaner and less shaky photos.

Dreamy  Aesthetics

Now more than ever people want a little escape from reality and social media is where many go to get that. Popular trends have led to photographers playing with more surrealistic and ethereal aesthetics. From an angelic wedding shoot to a foggy portrait session, all kinds of photographers have started creating works with more dreamy styles. 

Some popular techniques that photographers have utilised are smoke bombs, lens filters, soft editing presets or even planning out the right location, time and lighting. 

Outdoor Nature Aesthetic 

Beautiful natural landscapes have always caught people’s attention but with recent years, people are drawn to nature even more. People want to see the natural environment and its wonders even if they can’t experience it for themselves. Adventure elopement and outdoor wedding photography have had a huge rise and will continue to grow through 2022. It is time for photographers and nature enthusiasts to strap on their camera and hiking boots and follow the trends. Using natural light and nature in your shoot is a great way to save costs, create authentic imagery and stay safe. 

Overall, there is a lot to look forward to this 2022. Marketing your business is taking a new form and it is important to keep up with the evolving trends. With the many new media platforms that are gaining popularity, photographers have more room to advertise themselves to a broader audience and from unique perspectives. Good luck and keep up the research.