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How to Become the Batman in Your Office

It’s not easy being Batman, it really isn’t. Have you ever really thought about it? The poor guy has to go to his Batcave underground in order to get dressed. On top of that, he has to put on his heavy tool belt which must weigh a ton. By the time he’s finished, do you think the Batmobile has the air conditioning on full blast so he doesn’t sweat while on his way to capture the bad guys? 

Infinite Batman
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Batman doesn’t seem so far fetched from our own daily lives. We too wake up in the morning and go to work with our tool belt on every day. Using our tool belt we can battle whatever it is that we have on our plate that day. The only item we’re missing is the Batmobile, right?

In the digital world, the Batmobile is the internet. We apply the tools in our tool belt to drive results on the web. We live in a results driven world and time is never on our side. The same holds true for a website that doesn’t load fast enough. It’s almost an agonizing experience when you come to a website and you have to wait for the images to load. How can you get the page to load faster?

Photo credit: 8one6
Photo credit: 8one6

A quick and simple way to get your website to load faster is to optimize your JPEG images. Smaller images mean faster loading pages which gives a better overall experience for your website visitors. Not to mention a higher customer satisfaction. When your website reacts faster you’ll enjoy more page views, longer visits to your site, and ultimately an increase in your conversion rates. What’s the real kicker? Saving money on your CDN costs.

If your website consists of many images, or is viewed by many users, chances are your CDN costs are pretty high. You can reduce these costs by optimizing your images, so you’ll be sending less bytes to each user over your CDN.

We created an online analyzer for your website that shows you how much can you save your page load time and CDN costs by optimizing your images.

Let’s take a look at the BuzzFeed website as an example. This is what they can save if they had JPEGmini in their tool belt.


 If an employee of BuzzFeed would take these numbers to their manager, do you think that person would be named hero? This internal Batman has saved the day, and saved the company a ton of money. So, what’s in your tool belt? Please share your thoughts in the comments section or on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook where we are always listening.