From Wallpaper to Reality: Trio of Photographers Set Out to Recreate MacOS Wallpapers

Many people can easily recognize the beautiful views found on the Apple macOS wallpapers, but few have actually seen them with their own eyes.

Photographer and YouTuber Andrew Levvit, along with videographer Jabob Philips and landscape photographer Taylor Grey set out on a creative adventure to recreate Apple’s default wallpapers for themselves. 

The trio decided to embark on an epic road trip through California’s extremely hot and dry Death Valley National Park. During their journey, they visited the Mojave, Sierra, High Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks. They hiked and searched to find the right locations waiting hours for the right moment to take their shot.

 Though the photos turned out a little different from the originals, the team trekked through California’s most beautiful landmarks. They were able to experience the picturesque scenes they otherwise would have only daydreamed about. 

The adventure was such a success that the trio embarked on another journey to recreate macOS Catalina wallpaper after its release a few months later. 

Following Apple’s unveiling of macOS Big Sur at the WWDC conference in June, they again set out to recreate Apple’s newest default wallpaper, this time with no preparation.

They soon realized it was going to be more difficult than they thought. In the end, they found themselves thousands of feet in the air with the same pilot that flew for the Apple wallpaper shoot.

 Check out their latest video as they documented the ups and downs of it all.