Stupid Things People Say to Photographers Part 2

“Don’t forget, bring your camera!” How many times have you heard that one before? How about this one, “you can just Photoshop that out, right?” While photographers usually have a good disposition, there is still a certain amount of stupidity those of us in the industry can take.

Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes
Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes

I am sure photographers with years of experience can write a book about all the things people have said to them throughout their career. However, I am writing this post to simply highlight some of the dumb ones that come up way too often. It’s simply a follow up to my first post, Stupid Things People Say to Photographers, which was well received when I first wrote it.

So, without further ado, here’s my new list of stupid things people say to photographers.

  • Make me look good, OK?
    Sure, let me just change the setting on my camera to “make the subject look good”. Those being photographed sometimes forget that the one taking the photos is a professional. And as a professional photographer you know how to capture the beauty and best sides of the person. This is why they hired you; for your eye, for your style, and for your professionalism.
  • Can you remove your watermark on the photos?
    Oh, you don’t like the package you took when you hired me and would now like more photos? You have a new website and would like to use my photos on it? Why don’t they understand that each photo is a work of pride for each photographer? The images are watermarked to prevent them from being stolen/reproduced without the proper permission. If you wanted more photos, you should’ve ordered a bigger package, and if you want them for your website – just ask! We’ll work something out.
  • Can you send me the deleted photos too?
    Yes, I took many photos and no, you cannot see the deleted photos. There is a reason why they were deleted in the first place. The photos represent you and your work. If they are not absolutely perfect, they won’t see the light of day! This is your business, your portfolio – anything less than 100% is unacceptable and you know it!
  • You have an easy job! You just look through a window and press a button.
    Yes, and your job is so easy too. I can also pick up a broomstick and move the dust from one side to the other. In all seriousness, they have no idea what it means to get “the shot”. They’ll never understand lighting, composition, viewpoint and the many other details that go into getting the perfect shot.
  • Look at the shot I got using my iPhone/Android.
    Yes, very nice. Now can you get the hell out of my way? You’re blocking my view and I’m trying to capture the moment. We’ve all been to that wedding. You’ve scouted the reception area, you’ve set yourself up perfectly only to have the smartphone shooters jump in front of your shot. Seriously? Please, just sit down and let me do my job. The bride and groom will get the photos from me, the person they hired to capture the moment.

What are some of the stupid things people have said to you? We’d love to know! Please share them with us in the comments section, or on Twitter/Facebook where we are always listening.

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