The Capture One Plug-in You’ve Been Waiting For

We are happy to announce our latest product, the Capture One plug-in!

Back in November of 2018, Phase One released Capture One Pro 12 with third-party plug-in support. This was not possible in earlier versions of the software. With the latest version, photographers and creatives will be able to share and edit their images easily by connecting their software with specialized editing tools.

We are proud to say that Phase One chose JPEGmini as one of the very first companies to create a plug-in for the latest version.

The process is entirely automated, and now that Capture One allows for third party plug-ins, users can easily and quickly reduce the file sizes of their JPEGs from within the program.


The JPEGmini Capture One plug-in is a welcome new addition to the JPEGmini Pro Suite family. Now when you export your photos directly from Capture One, JPEGmini will automatically optimize your images to the lowest file size possible without ever sacrificing quality. The resulting benefits will be faster uploading times, better UX and faster loading websites, thus improving Google search rank and customer satisfaction.

Photographers and creatives alike know that a hi-res photo saved without JPEGmini can be a rather large file. Since photo quality is very important, they didn’t want to have to compromise by quality vs file size. JPEGmini doesn’t just keep the original hi-res quality; we also make it super simple and fast to export images straight out of Capture One.

In our tests using full-size JPEGs captured with an EOS R and exported from Capture One 12, we saw a final image that was nearly a 25% the size of a standard JPEG saved with Capture One 12 (30MB files down to 7-8MB files).


After working with both our Mac and Windows developers, we are very pleased with how Capture One plug-in turned out. For those who use Capture One 12, this will fit right into your workflow, so you won’t have any extra steps to take when exporting your image. It’s as simple as exporting via the Publish menu or as an “Open With” action. Once exported, your images will remain hi-resolution with a much smaller file size.

The Capture One plug-in comes as part of our JPEGmini Pro Suite solution. Additionally, JPEGmini Pro Suite comes with:
JPEGmini stand-alone app
JPEGmini Lightroom plug-in
JPEGmini Photoshop extension

You can learn more and try our stand-alone app for free by going here.

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