5 Accessories to Step up Your Photography Game

We know what it is like to work in a highly saturated market, and that’s why we understand how creativity, innovation, and accessibility are in such high demand. Photographers have an incredible ability to take a moment and turn it into a beautiful work of art. This is not an easy task and the JPEGmini team are always interested in hearing about different tools and techniques that help.

We have compiled a list of creative accessories that will help step up your photography game this 2021.

Prism Set

Lighting can be everything for photographers. It can set a mood, evoke different emotions, play tricks on the eye and help shape an artist’s style of photography. These prisms allow photographers to manipulate and play with light for surreal effects.

Photo by- Aaron Walls

Prisms redirect light to create interesting double exposure-like images with a single exposure. They also project a rainbow spectrum of light onto a surface. You can play with different shapes and lights for different desired effects.

LED Light Stick  

Led light sticks/wands are another great tool for playing with lighting. It is a compact and portable light source that can be used in various fields of photography. Most light sticks come with color tone options for different light moods and may even come with the full spectrum of RGB colors. Photographers and videographers can use this tool to manipulate light and create abstract light paintings. 

By Akwice


You heard right, a tube can help photographers achieve the ‘ring of fire’ technique. This technique involves placing a tube in front of the lens and using an external light source to shine through the tube and into the lens.  This creates a circular blaze-like frame around your subject right in camera.  There is a lot of potential through using tubes of different colors/variations and framing different subjects.

Silicon Lens Caps

These dirt, sand, dust, and waterproof lens caps are basically indestructible. They can fit over essentially any type of lenses as they can be stretched from 60mm to 120mm and even stacked on top of each other for double protection. For the active and sometimes clumsy photographer, these are shockproof and perfect for you! They are compressible and barely take any room in your camera bag. 

example above is KUVRD Lens Cap

JPEGmini Pro 

This is made for photographers who need a fast, efficient, and high quality post-production process. JPEGmini allows photographers to shrink file size without affecting image quality, all with a simple drag and drop. Image sizing presets allow for a quick and simple workflow. The integration can help all kinds of creators. Check out a free trial here: