Behind the shot: Mateo Boffanno

Behind the Shot is our blog’s newest segment. This is where we highlight an image that has stood out for its location, composition, or creativity. We give you a look ‘behind the shot’ by asking the artist a few questions, and hearing about the details we don’t necessarily see.

Mateo Bofanno, Norway, 2019

Where are you from?
I’m from Punta del Este, Uruguay

How long have you been a photographer?
I been working as a photographer for 8 years now.

Who or what has influenced your work growing as a photographer?
Lots of people have influenced my work as a photographer, from my teachers to my parents and friends. But above all, I find inspiration from photographers like Fran Russo, Fer Juaristi, and Mika Alvarez .

When and where was this incredible photo taken?
In Perestroiken, Norway last year( 2019). They are an Uruguayan couple that lives in Barcelona. They chose the place and wanted their pre weeding shots there! 

What drew you to this location?
Since we were doing pre-wedding shots in Norway, we wanted something beautiful. They specifically chose Norway for this type of scenery. This is actually a quite popular spot.

What technical challenges did you have taking this shot?
First of all there were many people in the place we wanted to shoot. I had to ask everyone to please step back for a bit so we could get the right shot. We also had to yell at the bride and groom because they were so far away. It was scary to watch them at the edge of that cliff but it made for a great shot.

What equipment did you use for this? (camera, lens, lights etc.)
Canon 5D MKIV & Canon 35mm

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Page: https://boffano.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/mboffano/
IG: @mboffano