Behind The Shot: Nuno Lopes

Behind the Shot is where we highlight an image that has stood out for its location, composition, or creativity. We give you a look ‘behind the shot’ by asking the artist a few questions, and hearing about the details we don’t necessarily see.

1) When and where was this incredible photo taken?

This photo is from a 2019 wedding, taken at Penela Castle Chapel. (Portugal)

2) What drew you to this location?

The couple chose to marry at this beautiful location because the bride is from a nearby village and is a firefighter in Penela.

3) What technical challenges did you have taking this shot? 

Lighting and focus. I had to balance the bright sky with the dark clouds while trying to keep the focus on the couple.

4) What equipment did you use for this? (camera, lens, lights etc.)

Fuji Xt3 and Fujinon 16mm f1.4 lens.

5) What is the background of this image?

When I realized that they would have a firemen’s hall of honor with the customary axes (and 200+ guests), I imagined that the place will be so crowded that it would be impossible to get a clear shot. I knew I had to capture the magic of that moment. 

When I arrived, I saw the sky getting darker and imagine that a shot from inside the hall could be amazing. I laid on the ground and was able to capture everything, the sky, the axes, the couple with all the rice, confetti, and rain. The setting of the sky brought more impact to the axes and the Firemen’s Hall.

6) Where are you from?

I am based in Portugal.

7) How long have you been a photographer?

Since 2018. I am a self-taught portrait and wedding photographer. Portrait photography is the art of I have been doing photography professionally since 2017.  Can I say 4 years even though 2020 does not really count? We will say 3 years and a pandemic year.

8) Who or what has influenced your work growing as a photographer?

I was very inspired by the workshop I did in 2018 with Daniel Ribeiro. He opened my eyes and made me think differently about photography. After that, I joined a group with 4 other photographers, Miguel Ponte, Fabio Santos, Paulo Pinto, and Felipe Miranda. We got together and critiqued each other’s works, this made me grow a lot as a photographer.

9) Anything else you would like to share about your experience?

I see my style improving and getting stronger wedding after wedding. Up until now, I have been a part of 53 weddings seeking to capture them in a documentary style. I am driven by real on the images, few poses, but supported by 4 pillars – Emotion, Passion, Documentary with unusual images (when possible), and Glamor. For me, a good photo is one that captures people’s memories for 10 or 20 or 50 years down the line.