Behind The Shot: Ufuk Sarisen

Behind the Shot is our blog’s newest segment. This is where we highlight an image that has stood out for its location, composition, or creativity. We give you a look ‘behind the shot’ by asking the artist a few questions, and hearing about the details we don’t necessarily see.

1) When and where was this incredible photo taken?

On a cold February day in 2019. In the garden of a carpet store in Cappadocia, Turkey. 

2) What drew you to this location?

The couple was from China and are super interested in Turkish carpets and I found this place. The backyard of the shop was covered with carpets and rugs, and the image suited the couple’s wishes very well. It just had to be photographed in an extraordinary way.

3) What technical challenges did you have taking this shot? 

Technically it was an easy shoot for me. After shooting with my DSLR camera, I thought it would work to shoot with a drone in this square garden. I rose high enough to shoot the couple and the rugs. Towards the end of the shoot, I got higher and saw the bricks on the roof. I guess, the contrast of the couple with the carpets and brick texture made this photo unique.

4) What equipment did you use for this? (camera, lens, lights etc.)

Drone – DJI Mavic Pro

5) Where are you from?

I am from Turkey, I live both in Istanbul and Izmir city. However, I go abroad quite often for photography, especially within Europe.

6) How long have you been a photographer?

It started out as a hobby in the beginning when I was doing engineering. I have been taking photographs for 15 years and made it my only job for 12 years now.

7) Who or what has influenced your work growing as a photographer?

Photojournalism and travel photography; these fields have shaped me as I work in magazines as a photographer and editor. Then my first wedding photography mentor, Brett Butterstein, taught me a lot. Then the contributions of Fearless Photographer’s founder Huy Nguyen and my Foundation Workshop teachers Tyler Werken and Candice Cusic added to my skills a lot. In addition, Victor Lax, Citlalli Rico, Daniel Aguilar, Mauricio Javier Arias, Franck Boutonnet, whose workshops I have attended, contributed a lot to my improvement. Periodically, I have been influenced by many photographers and friends such as Fabio Mirulla ,luluk Lesmana, Juaristi, Two Mann and so on.

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