JPEGmini Now Works 20% Faster On Your M1!

The JPEGmini update is now live! 

We heard your requests and we are here to deliver. 
This version is called JPEGmini 3.4.1, it brings native M1 code for the first time! This type of code now allows the optimization for the Apple silicon line of processors – M1, M1Pro M1Max, etc.

This new release for the M1 processors features 20% faster JPEG optimization too! This will help the creative workflow get lighter and faster. To test this, our team has run the same batch of images on the same machine, first using Rosetta emulation, and then using the native Apple silicon code.

After many hours of research and development, we are happy to release this new version for our M1 users. This is just the first release with such speedy optimizations, and we hope to bring more M1 native improvements in the near future.