Cherie Steinberg and Hedley Jones

The Boudoir Cafe Serves Up Seduction

We recently interviewed the amazing L.A. based boudoir photographer Cherie Steinberg of The Boudoir Cafe to learn more about boudoir photography and the secrets to experiencing a great boudoir photo shoot. In this rapid-fire Q&A, we asked Cherie our most burning questions: Why should a woman get boudoir photos taken? If a woman feels shy in front of the camera or is self-conscious about her body, what can she do to feel comfortable? Read on to find out.

When did you start shooting with Hedley Jones?

When did you start The Boudoir Café?

What were some of the challenges when you started out?

How do you deal with cultural issues that surround boudoir photography?
We live in L.A. No cultural issues….lol

© The Boudoir Cafe
© The Boudoir Cafe

Why should a woman get boudoir photos taken?
Every woman needs to have these images in her lifetime. It is a real testament to us as young and beautiful women and the images that we have for a lifetime are priceless.

What are some of the most common occasions for booking a boudoir session?
Wedding Gifts
Bachelorette Parties
Gift To Oneself
A Breakup or Divorce

© The Boudoir Cafe
© The Boudoir Cafe

What is the best tip you can give someone to make the most of her shoot?
Read a lot
Look at pics
Eat well and drink lots of water
Think about it
Know that it will be hard work
Bring a few special things to the shoot, whatever that may be

If a woman feels shy in front of the camera or is self-conscious about her body, what can she do to feel comfortable?
That is the job of the photographer and what makes a great boudoir photographer, I think.

What should a woman wear?
Whatever she loves and wants to be seen in forever….It could be nude too….

Is there anything specific a woman should do to prepare?
Read my getting ready guide that all photogs need to prepare to inform the client what to expect and what to do…clients really value this info.

As primarily a senior portrait photographer, what led to your decision to add boudoir?
It was something that I think Hedley and I were born to do…we are experts and always were…we love making women feel great and somehow we’re gifted with the right temperament to do this kind of work!!!

What do you love about boudoir photography?
We love the simplicity of it. We love taking women that have never been in front of the camera and see them seeing themselves in a very sexy and beautiful light. We love watching a woman blossom.

Because of the intimate content, do you need to advertise differently?
No not really….Living in L.A. … this seems to be something every girl wants to do
How do you show your work to potential clients?
Via our website. This is what they see in order to decide if we are the ones for them. And, somehow, they can figure it out.

They say we seem to be different. Our images are more edgy and sensual.

Do you ever shoot nudes?
All the time!

Are there any techniques you use to help people relax during the shoot?

What’s your favorite part about shooting boudoir?
The freedom to do whatever I want to do. There’s no one telling us how to shoot. We are the experts and the clients trust us. All in all, it is really a very joyful and fun experience.

© The Boudoir Cafe
© The Boudoir Cafe

Can you describe your studio to us? 
A corner with an 8 ft wall and the other side is a 4 ft wall…..
A makeup area and bathroom
A sitting area
A small shooting area
It’s a total of 600sq ft.

© The Boudoir Cafe
© The Boudoir Cafe

Are many shoots done as a surprise for someone?
90% are a surprise

What are your most popular products?
Very large prints
Photo boxes
Leather albums

What are the main reasons people want these shots done?
To record a time and place in their life.

What was the best piece of photography advice someone gave you?
1) “If you want to take great photographs, put something interesting in front of the lens.”
2) “Shoot the same thing over and over again.”

What tips do you have for photographers wanting to try boudoir?
Just do it!!!

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