What is Mobile-First Design & How Can it Help Your Bussiness?

Let’s be honest, a website that loads slowly is one of the most annoying things in the world.

In fact, a study by Ericsson revealed that delays in loading web pages and videos lead to increased heart rates and stress levels. The level of stress caused by mobile delays was comparable to watching a horror movie.

Do you know how fast the mobile and desktop versions of your site load? If your site does not load fast enough, users will often click away and find competitors before your site finishes loading.

Improving the page speed of your site will result in folks finding you faster; BUT and this is a big but, people searching for information on their mobile device versus their desktop computer expect results even faster.

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According to statcounter.com, as of August 2020 Mobile vs Desktop usage worldwide was 51.33% mobile and 45.9% desktop. So it’s no wonder that Google has made mobile-first design a priority.

Mobile-first web design focuses on what will create the most exceptional experience for mobile device users. What does this mean for you (and your website)? There is stat after stat that confirms how images are the main contributor to the overall user experience of a website.

A great photograph, something visually compelling immediately grabs your attention, helps you retain the knowledge you learned from the site, and makes your users want to explore more.  

Kieth & Melissa Photographers

Gone are the days where desktop website design is all you need to worry about. Users expect a mobile site to be of equal quality as a desktop site. Now we have to consider how your photographs will look on a variety of devices. From tablets to phones, to desktops and even TVs – screen sizes are all over the place. If your site is not responsive and your site is not optimized for a multitude of device sizes, your users will have a frustrating experience.

An Aberdeen Group study shows that a one-second delay in load time equals a 7% drop in conversions and that around 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

Using a powerful tool like JPEGmini to optimize your images will help you deliver high-quality images quickly, your customer viewing experience will be improved and search engines will index your pages.

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As stated by an article on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog: “Faster sites create happy users and we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there”.

We all want happy users and more of them; a mobile-friendly experience for your users will guarantee it.