WPPI 2015, Here We Come!

The JPEGmini team will be at the WPPI Conference+Expo in Las Vegas, March 1-4, and we would love to meet you.


Check out the top 5 reasons to stop by booth 920 in the Grand Ballroom:

  1. Wedding photographers, we’ll teach you how to squeeze 11gb worth of client JPGs onto an 8gb USB thumb drive!
  2. Find out how JPEGmini Pro fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.
  3. T-shirt giveaways. . . have you ever seen a compressed T-shirt?
  4. Learn tips and tricks for using JPEGmini.
  5. Think you’ve got ‘the eye’? We’ve got two photos. Tell us which is the original photo and which is the optimized photo.

How does JPEGmini Pro fit seamlessly into your existing workflow? We’re so glad you asked! Stop by booth 920 in the Grand Ballroom to see a live demo of JPEGmini. This is where you will get to see how the software runs, and what the results are from the optimization.

For those attending WPPI 2015 Shootout on the Vegas Strip at night with Jason Lanier, bring us your USB thumb drive and we’ll optimize the images for you on the spot!

We can’t wait to see you at WPPI in the Grand Ballroom, booth 920!