6 Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

With Instagram’s latest algorithmic change, we are seeing fewer pictures from our favorite photographers. Pictures are being posted in our feed based on what Instagram thinks we want to see- rather than in chronological order. It’s becoming harder to find new people to follow on Instagram.

Since Instagram is the only big social media platform based on photography, all the big photographers have a presence there. It’s the only platform where the photo tells more of the story than the text. That’s perfect since sometimes we’re short on words, but the photo we share ends up telling a thousand or more. Not to mention it’s the same platform your clients are on.


This post isn’t about why photographers should or shouldn’t be on Instagram. I am sure that if you’re reading this, you’re already there and have posted many, many times. Since you already know the benefits of why Instagram is important to your business, I thought I would write a post on the 6 photographers you should be following on Instagram.

Why should you be following these 6 photographers? You should follow them to get inspired. If you ever get into a photography rut, their photos will help you get your creative juices flowing. You see the work they put into each photo and the passion they have for their craft.

Here’s our list of 6 to follow:

  1. Colby Brown @colbybrownphotography
    Colby Brown is a landscape, travel and humanitarian photographer, photo educator and author based out of Boulder, CO. He has a way of captivating me with every image he posts from the many locations he frequents.
  2. Kenny Kim @kenny_kim
    Kenny is an event and destination wedding photographer based out of Chicago, IL. His Instagram account allows me to vicariously go to the locations of his shoot. Not to mention I enjoyed getting a behind the scenes glimpse when he visited ABC 7’s morning show.
  3. Jonas Peterson @jonaspeterson
    Jonas is a very talented photographer whose Instagram account always balances me. There are great photos of scenery and people that are never a bore to the eye. His photos are always welcomed in my Instagram feed.
  4. Jimmy Teo @jimmy_izophotography
    Jimmy is a wedding photographer based out of Australia. His Instagram feed is one that is filled with so many happy moments; so many visual stories.
  5. Jessica Hill @jessicahillphoto
    Jessica specializes in unique, fine art wedding photography who is based in Portland, OR. Her feed is one filled with smiles, love and artistry. If you need a quick pick me up, check her feed out.
  6. Mark Hadden @mark_hadden_photography
    Mark Hadden has a unique brand of wedding, architectural and art photography. His Instagram feed is full of simple, beautifully crafted, and modern images.

Which photographers do you follow on Instagram? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to add their profile URL so we can follow them too!


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