Apple Doesn’t Like Photographers Anymore?

Do you remember these ads?

Well, the timeless battle between Mac and PC heated up last week with the launch of new devices from both Apple and Windows. As we discussed last week, Microsoft upped their game with their new Microsoft Surface Studio PC. The new Surface is not only a PC, but it’s also a graphics and a drafting table. In addition to the Surface, Microsoft announced the Surface Dial. This puck looking device lets you interact and create in the most natural and immersive ways. Although the price is quite high for the Surface, it sure is a sexy device. Now THAT is something I never thought I would say about a Microsoft product.


Then there was Apple. Apple announced new MacBook with a ‘Touch Bar’ above the keyboard. Do you know what used to be there? That’s right, the function keys used to be. Guess what else Apple took away? If you answered CD/DVD, that was a long time ago. Guess again.


OK, I’ll tell you. Apple has taken away the SD slot and also removed the traditional USB slots. Yes, I understand it’s to make the machines lighter and thinner. But taking away the SD slot? There are sooo many photographers and video producers who rely on that feature daily. This is like taking away the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

While many photographers use an external USB SD card reader at home, you will now need to bring this along with you when you travel. Yes, add that to your checklist before you leave your house. As if you’re not carrying around enough. Am I right?


By the way, how do you plan on connecting your external USB SD card reader into the new MacBook? You might want to consider purchasing Belkin’s new USB-C dock so you can connect your external devices to Apple’s new Thunderbolt USB-C slot. This dock is expected to cost $300. C’mon, what’s another $300 after you’ve just dropped all the dough on the upgrade?

How do you feel now that Apple has taken out the SD slot from the MacBook Pro? Has Apple fallen out of love with photographers and video producers? Will this sway your decision into getting the new Surface Studio? Let us know what you think and if this will affect your decision whether or not you will upgrade.

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