Insanely Fun Drinking Game Photographers Have To Try

People say the darndest things to photographers. If you ask 10 photographers what are the most common things people say to you while you’re shooting, chances are you’ll hear the same thing. “Wow, that’s an awesome camera. I bet it takes great pictures.”

Photo Credit: Stewart Black
Photo Credit: Stewart Black

They don’t mean any harm or disrespect when they say this to you. It’s just they don’t understand the years of training and discipline it took you to get to this point in your career. If you want to blow them away, explain to them the difference between shooting with natural light, regular strobe, and high speed sync. They’ll soon realize that there’s more to photography than just having a fancy camera and pressing the trigger.

So, we thought we’d come up with an awesome drinking game for photographers. We’re going to create a list of common statements/questions photographers get quite often. Whenever you hear it, take a shot. Here’s an example of when you’d take a shot: “Wow that’s an awesome camera. I bet it takes great pictures.” Got it? OK, let’s begin.

Photo Credit: IntangibleArts
Photo Credit: IntangibleArts
Drink Once
  • “My cousin is a photographer!”
  • “Do you do trade-for-prints?”
  • “Did you get it?”
  • “Can you get a picture of this?”
  • “Can you take a photo with my phone so I can upload it to Instagram?”
  • “Can you show me that shot on the back of your camera?”
  • “That’s a really nice camera.”
  • “Are you a Canon or Nikon guy?”
  • “Could you just show up for a few minutes?”
  • “I was thinking about bringing my new DSLR here too.”
Photo Credit: Wine Dharma
Photo Credit: Wine Dharma
Drink Twice
  • “You’re going to get so many likes because you tagged me on Facebook.”
  • “Can you upload the photos to Facebook without your watermark?”
  • “How come it looks blurry in the background?”
  • “Can I get a copy of the RAWs?”
  • “I do photography on the side.”
  • “Will you Photoshop these?”
  • “How soon can I get these photos?”
  • “Can I get a discount if I get someone else to edit the photos?”
  • “Can we do anything we like with the photos?”
  • “Are you flexible with your price?”

I am sure we could keep going on and on with this list. Let’s remember though, that we all love photography and we enjoy interacting with people. However, some of the things they say really gets to us sometimes. It’s always better to keep that smile on our faces, and when playing this game, that smile will last.

What are some of the things you’ve heard that should be on this list?  Please share them with us in the comments section, or on Twitter/Facebook where we are always listening.

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