JPEGmini Pro For Mac Can Now Optimize Photos Up To 128MP

We are pleased to announce that JPEGmini 2.0 is here with new features and improvements. The new version will help speed up your workflow so you can concentrate on the important stuff, like promoting your business or taking that much needed day off you’ve been promising yourself.

For those who already own JPEGmini Pro you’ll receive a prompt from within JPEGmini to download an update, and magically these new features will appear.

Photo Credit: Fer Juaristi

So what new features are there? Well, let’s take a look:

Higher resolution support

JPEGmini Pro now supports resolution of up to 128MP covering most commercial cameras, including medium format and panoramas. So, if you were on the fence about purchasing either the Hasselblad H6D or the Phase One XF, or maybe both, but couldn’t because we previously only optimized photos up to 60MP, you’re good to go now 🙂

Here’s a photo from our good friend, Peter Eastway, that was taken on his Phase One XF. We converted the original TIFF into a JPEG resulting in a 70.4MB file.


After I simply dragged and dropped that photo into JPEGmini Pro, I was able to optimize this 70.4MB photo down to only 32.3MB without compromising photo quality. That’s a total savings of 54%, and saved 38MB. (You can also do this with our Lightroom plugin.)

You can download a trial of JPEGmini Pro for free and run the unoptimized JPEG photo through! You can download the unoptimized JPEG here. 

Faster photo resizing and exporting

Multiple Export: As a photographer, you need to deliver your photos for multiple uses – clients, web, archiving, etc. Now you can do it all in just one click. You can now select different output sizes for the same folder of photos in the same session. This is a true time saver.

The ability to export one photo into different sizes with one-click is a game changer. It’ll save so much time and effort for photographers that need unique photo sizes for each medium.
Nick Pecori

More Resizing Options: This is a feature many users have been asking for. Now you can choose a size for either the long or short edge of your image, and JPEGmini will automatically adjust the rest of the dimensions for you.

This is extremely handy if you are editing a photo for online sharing, as websites and blogs often require a specific pixel measurement on one edge of the image.

Improved user experience

JPEGmini 2.0 has a new modern look, yet it’s still super simple to use. Now when you simply drag and drop your photos, you can see how many photos were optimized, how much space you saved and what the total percentage saved by JPEGmini in one place.

I like the new design and feel a lot! I seriously feel lucky using it.
Ben Chrisman

Our new features are available for those running MacOS 10.8 and higher.

Would you like to try JPEGmini Pro for free? You can do so by clicking here. Let us know what you think about the new features. Your feedback is important to us.