Let’s Talk About HEIC

Apple’s iOS 11 update will change the way we store images on our iPhones. At WWDC 2017, Apple announced that all photos captured and stored on an iPhone will be stored in HEIF format instead of JPEG. Now that Apple is compressing the photos with HEIF, photos will take up half the amount of space JPEGs did.

Since we still live in a JPEG world, we know there are many questions asked surrounding the HEIF format. How do we share them? What if my friend has an Android, can I send them a HEIF photo? How can I convert a HEIF photo to JPEG? Well, we’ve got you covered.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What is High Efficiency Video Coding?

High Efficiency Video Coding, or HEVC, is a codec for both images and videos developed by MPEG. Apple adopted HEVC since it requires almost half the storage space and bandwidth of H.264 and JPEG.

What is High Efficiency Image Format?

High Efficiency Image Format, or HEIF, is the file format for HEVC encoded images. HEIF can store various types of images, but the main application of HEIF is to store images that have been compressed using the image tools of the HEVC video compression standard. When you export your photos from iOS 11 you will notice the .heic file extension.

How Do I Convert HEIC Images to JPEG on PC?

We’ve got you covered. JPEGmini just launched heictojpg.com. You can now upload your HEIC files to this website and your images will be converted to JPEG. Wait, it gets better. Not only will heictojpg convert your photos to JPEG, but it will also optimize them using JPEGmini. The quality of your images will remain unharmed, and now they’re even smaller in size.

What Devices Support HEIC Images?

The new camera format will reportedly only work on devices with Apple’s A9 processor: 6s, 6s Plus, the iPhone SE, and both iPhone 7’s, as well as the new phones Apple recently launched.

If your device does not support HEIC, you can use HEICtoJPG.com to convert them.

Does Photoshop Support HEIF?

At the time of this post, Adobe Photoshop does not support this format.

How Can I Switch My Photos to HEIF in iOS11?

You can switch to High Efficiency by going to the settings menu. Simply go to Settings -> Camera -> Formats. Once you’ve selected High Efficiency, your images will now be saved as a HEIC file.

What Happens to my HEIF Images When I Share Them?

Since we still live in a JPEG world, the images coming out of your phone will automatically be converted to JPEG. So, any photos you want to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Flickr, Dropbox, etc – they will be converted to JPEGs so the party receiving them will be able to see the photo.

Will My Photo Stream Images Be HEIC or JPEG?

Photo Stream automatically converts your HEIC images to JPEG when it shares the images with other iCloud. While this is nice for those in the Apple ecosystem, Windows users will need to convert their HEIC images to JPEG.

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG Automatically?

If you would like to send your HEIC photos as JPEGs automatically, you can do so in the settings menu. You simply go to Setting -> Camera -> Formats. Under the Transfer to Mac or PC tab, click on Automatic.

Can I Turn Off HEIF?

You can turn off HEIF in the Camera Capture section. To get there simply go to Setting -> Camera -> Formats. Select ‘Most Compatible’ instead of High Efficiency. Once you have this set your photos will be in a compatible format. Now you won’t have to worry about converting HEIF files to JPEG.

Will OneDrive Support HEIC?

The answer is yes. “We are excited to announce support for the new Files app and its file management capabilities,” a short announcement from the One Drive team reads.

Will Google Photos Support HEIC?

Yes, Google Photos does support HEIC.