We Shall Call It… Minime

“He is exactly like you in every way…except one-eighth your size.”

Do you remember that scene from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me? Remember the expression on Dr. Evil’s face when he first saw “Mini-me”? This was our exact reaction when we first saw the sketches of our minimized interface. We immediately quoted Dr. Evil and said, “We shall call it… Minime.” 🙂

The idea to sketch and create Minime didn’t come out of thin air; rather it came from our community! We receive many feature requests, and we pay attention to each and every one. Creating a smaller interface without the animation was born out of the many different ways you use our product. So we rolled up our sleeves and turned the sketches into reality. At this point it became pure fun.

JPEGmini MInime Screenshot

Minime is a new feature that minimizes JPEGmini’s interface so you can place it anywhere on your screen without taking up precious space. To use this feature, simply click on the arrow button found in the top right hand corner of JPEGmini and voilà, you’re now in Minime mode. Know what’s the best part? It’s the same JPEGmini that you’ve come to know, just smaller.

JPEGmini Minime

Once you’re in Minime mode, you can place it wherever you’d like and JPEGmini will always be on your screen. If you’re like us and have about 20 programs open all the time, this is quite useful. Having Minime on your screen will save you time searching for JPEGmini. It’s right there, waiting for your photos.

Did we mention the functionality stays the same? Just simply drag and drop your photos as you normally would into the smaller interface and JPEGmini will optimize your photos for you. You can also change the settings in the preferences from the new and minimized interface. Yeah, it’s that easy.

For those who already own JPEGmini Pro you’ll receive a prompt from within JPEGmini to download an update that will contain Minime. It’s available for those running Mac OS 10.9 and higher.

Would you like to try JPEGmini Pro for free? You can do so by clicking here. Let us know what you think about this new feature. Your feedback is important to us.

For those on PC, we haven’t forgotten about you! We are currently working on an update and as soon as it’s ready, we’ll be sure to let you know. Our developers can only drink so much coffee 🙂